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A tested and honest software development company that has been consistent in building technology for over 5 years. Encouraged by clients and backed by its master advisors, BrainWaves is commited in its mission to take technology to every business and household. Its dynamic team was chosen for specialties in App Development, Enterprise Software and Data Solutions.


Website Development

Communicate directly with customers with universally-appealing websites. Beat market competition and Increase chances of expanding revenue-base.

Mobile App Development

Design widely compatible, quality and performance-centric mobile apps of the future. Streamline routine tasks for optimum results. Get the power.

Software Development

Agile Approach to Software Development with Data & Information Security. Free consultation. We will meet your needs, budget, and workflow.

Data Management

Data is the Lifeblood of the Business. Be it Entry or Management;  store, protect, manage information to produce the data you need when you need it.


What Clients say

Our Portfolio

We specialise in web design, software development and mobile apps (and everything in between). We're proud of our work, below you'll find few projects with a cross section of what we can do. We've done mobile apps through to websites; to backend projects. But we don’t just develop apps and websites. We educate - Our Teams. Our Clients. Our Communities.

  • ERP Solutions

    ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is managing of all the resources that are considered vital for runnin

  • Cabipool

    Cabipool is a Real-time ride and travel plan sharing platform. Being Community and Ratings driven, Cabipool envisions changing the way an

  • Hospital / Clinic Manager

  • CRM Solutions

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions support all of the core business processes of an enterpr

  • JM Group

    Logo Designing    

  • Varkana Dye Chem

    Logo Designing    

  • 9square Labs

    Logo Designing    

  • Add This Up

    Logo Designing    

  • Easy Wedding

    iOS Application

  • Tell Your Mates

    iOS Application

  • Ashoka Restaurant

    iOS Application

  • Singapore Travel Guide

    Android Application

  • Dater Hater

  • Everything Expats

  • EMI Integrated Systems

  • FMCD

  • 9square Labs

    Website Development

  • Varkana Dye Chem

  • Researchonomics

  • Pradeep Singhi

About Us

Want more clients, projects and a profit-generating website or a mobile app? BrainWaves gives you the solutions you need to succeed. BrainWaves was created to build custom software for Enterprises. With genesis in web and desktop apps, we extended our scope to mobile apps as the world saw a vertical shift to smartphones. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in 2016.

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you own a business or manage websites or apps for clients, you need a professional agency that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job.

Our Vision

Our goal is to always be on the cutting edge of evolving technologies and setup new benchmarks. Our belief is that evolving times would see better technologies coming around and we'll adapt!

Good Karma

At BrainWaves, we believe in spreading Good Karma. We like to think that by creating websites and mobile apps, we are facilitating the peaceful coexistence between people and technology.

ISO 9001 Processes

Our tools and quality improvement procedures are ISO 9001 certified to ascertain that we carry out our operations in the most authentic manner. We follow ITIL Guidelines too.







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Data Management


Web design

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Our Blog is the place for great information including the rest of the story about our company, and what’s new and exciting. Here you can access the latest blog posts from across the company and know about the latest in web, software and mobile app development. We will post tutorials and the latest from the tech world where pace of change is breathtaking at times.

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Some Of Our Fun Facts

We keep it simple. We work hard. And, party harder.

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Our Clients

We specialize in relationship building on behalf of our Clients. We are proud of our clients. Some of them are very big – and others are not. Some want us to create websites and mobile apps – and others just want our specialist tools. But they all benefit from our unique combination of creativity, know-how, service and value. We like big ideas as much as we like big brands (though we’ve helped many of the former grow into the latter). Here are some of the companies we’re proud to call clients.



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All our consultations are Free. And, will always be. Our simple and flexible pricing plans are built for every businesses. Dozens of professionals will work to give you designs you love and support you need. We guarantee the lowest hourly development cost in the world. We promise. No credit card required.

Data Management

$4 /hr onwards

  • Secure Data Storage
  • Research Assistance
  • Automated/Manual
  • Quality Assurance
  • 24/7 Support

Enterprise Apps

$8 /hr onwards

  • Source Code Transfer
  • User Interface Design
  • Whitepaper Document
  • Quarterly Maintenance
  • 24/7 Support


Its Quick, Easy & Secure. We accept online payments from our clients. Please speak to your sales representative to know how to make a payment, the right amount or to seek any other information.



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